Star Wars: Republic Commando is BACK!

Star Wars: Republic Commando is BACK!

Aspyr has announced that Star Wars: Republic Commando, the much loved and long thought forgotten, tactical first-person shooter, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Released waaaay back in 2005, SW: Republic Commando puts you on the frontlines during the Clone Wars (During Episodes 2 & 3) as part of Delta Squad as you take the fight to the Separatist forces.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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Despite being 15 years old, Aspyr say that they have reworked the controller support to make it feel more like what players today expect from modern FPS’s.

It’ll also be a single-player only experience, so you’ll have to destroy all those Battle Droids on your own.

Republic Commando
I have a bad feel…SHUT UP AND SHOOT THEM!

But if you REALLY want to play the multiplayer, you can still buy the OG version, with multiplayer included from the Xbox Store and on PC.

Sony has also announced that the game on the PS4 will have full trophy support, including a platinum trophy

The game will also be backwards compatible, meaning you’ll be able to play the game on your PS5…If you have one.

Star Wars: Republic Commando comes to Nintendo Switch and PS4 on the 6th of April for around £14.

Now all we need is a Star Wars: Bounty Hunter remake…

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