July 3, 2022

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Reveal

Following on from Googles’ Stadia announcement, Respawn revealed 15 minutes of Fallen Order game play at EA Play!

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Full Fallen Order Gameplay Trailer Reveal

Not much can be taken regarding combat difficulty, as the highly choreographed footage seemed to be played on easy mode. However, the game play did seem to be more influenced by FromSoftware combat than the formulaic combat of say, the Arkham series. The game play video depicted stand-offs against both weaker and stronger enemies, with some well-timed blocks and dodges, as well as some executions, highlighting combat fluidity.

This is Star Wars though, and you haven’t come here for the blocks and dodges; you’re here for the force abilities! Cal can freeze blaster bullets mid-air, a la Kylo Ren, push enemies and he also uses force abilities to solve environmental puzzles. The most interesting ability is definitely the force pull, which Cal uses on a storm trooper, before stabbing him for the kill.

Lastly, some environmental traversal was showcased, with some Shadow of Mordor-like climbing mechanics demonstrated. It also wouldn’t be a Respawn game without some wall-running, and Fallen Order doesn’t disappoint.

The game is shaping up nicely, and I can;t wait to see more footage!

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