Star Wars Fallen Order Sequel to Skip Last-Gen Consoles

Star Wars Fallen Order Sequel to Skip Last-Gen Consoles

The Star Wars: Fallen Order sequel [which will, apparently, be dropping the “Fallen Order” subtitle] will reportedly skip the last generation of consoles entirely.

That is, according to Jeff Grubb [via/Bespin Bulletin].

Whilst this may sound disappointing to fans that have not yet managed to make the jump, it bodes well for the game itself.

Respawn – the developers of Fall Order and its sequel – will be able to focus all its efforts on utilising current-gen hardware.

Meaning, that the full power of the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 technologies will be at Respawn’s command.

Of course, this will become the norm more and more as we get further along into the current generation’s lifecycle.

As for (potential) release dates, some rumours (again, via Bespin Bulletin) suggest we could see Fall Order 2 later this year. More intriguingly is the talk (again, via Grubb) that EA/Respawn will make an announcement before E3 time. Which would imply sometime within the next month or so.

The fourth of May, perhaps?