Stadia’s Journey to the Savage Planet Encounters Issues

Stadia’s Journey to the Savage Planet Encounters Issues

Google Stadia recently released the “Employee of the Month” edition of Journey to the Savage Planet.

Stadia also acquired the studio that developed Journey to the Savage Planet, Typhoon Studios.

And, also recently, Google decided to axe all of Stadia’s inner studios, Typhoon included.

So, when a problem arises with a first-party IP on Stadia, what the hell is the community suppose to do? Well, as we’ve seen with Journey to the Savage Planet, not much, apparently. Journey to the Savage Planet launched on Stadia with a game-breaking bug. The bug froze the game on the main menu.

Reddit user lordubuntu posted a rant about the way Google and (former publishers) 505 Games handled the situation. It didn’t paint a pretty picture for either company, most especially Google. The problem, obviously, was that the ones who could fix it (Typhoon) had been made redundant. Google tried passing the buck to 505, who stated that Google now owns all the game’s files. Thus, 505’s hands were tied.

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Thankfully, however, the problem has been rectified by Google. Google still owns and operates Stadia Games & Entertainment. Which means there is still a small window for bugs to be patched. The only saving Grace is that Stadia does not have any first-party IPs scheduled for launch. Which, in and of itself, is an additional massive letdown.

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