Stadia’s Free Games for December Revealed

Stadia’s Free Games for December Revealed

If you thought that it was just Xbox and PlayStation owners who get freebies, you’d be mistaken.

Despite all of it’s downfalls – and there are plenty to choose from – Google Stadia does have one redeeming factor; the amount of free games offered with the Stadia Pro subscription is impressive.

Of course, you actually have to be a member of the Stadia Pro service to get these games, but we’ll gloss over that.

For anyone who is signed up for Stadia Pro, here are your free games for December;


Published by: Stadia Games and Entertainment

Developed by: Splash Damage

“Fight your friends and team up to beat your enemies in chaotic eight-player shot-curving combat.

Outcasters is a frantic, fast-paced and competitive game from Splash Damage.

Battle your way across vibrant, colorful vinyl arenas and curve your shots to creatively defeat your opponents.

With customizable Outcasters and all sorts of power-ups, this is a chaotically fun multiplayer brawler that gives a hook-shot an all-new meaning”.

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Submerged: Hidden Depths

Published by: Stadia Games and Entertainment

Developed by: Uppercut Games

“Mysterious villages cling to the crumbling tips of skyscrapers, remnants of the drowned city below. Enigmatic creatures ride the wake as your boat breaks the waves, while deep below, lost treasures sparkle amongst the growing darkness.

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a relaxing, third-person exploration game set in a hauntingly beautiful world of water and ruins. Play as siblings – one determined to use her curse for good, the other determined to not let it destroy them.

Navigate the tranquil blue waters and pounding whitecaps as you scour the city ruins for the seeds of its salvation”.

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Secret Neighbor

Published by: tinyBuild

Developed by: Hologryph

Hello Neighbor does Multiplayer.

Secret Neighbor is a Multiplayer Social Horror Game where a group of intruders try to rescue their friend from the Neighbor’s creepy basement.

The only problem is one of the intruders is the Neighbor in disguise”.

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Into the Breach

Published by: Subset Games

Developed by: Subset Games

“The remnants of human civilisation are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth. You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL“.



Published by: ROCKFISH Games

Developed by: ROCKFISH Games

EVERSPACE combines fast-paced combat with roguelike elements, great visuals and a captivating story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Shoot, craft and loot your way to victory while the odds are stacked against you”.

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Monster Jam Steel Titans

Published by: THQ Nordic

Developed by: Rainbow Studios

“Real Trucks. Real Action. Monster Jam!

Monster Jam Steel Titans delivers the complete Monster Jam experience for everybody to enjoy!

All the trucks, stunts, stadiums, racing and massive air in one game! Play in various game modes including Stadium and outdoor Racing, various Stunt Challenges and Destruction modes!”

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And those are your new games added to Stadia Pro’s free games line-up. Don’t forget that you can claim any and all of these games if you are an active Stadia Pro subscriber. To check out the full line-up of free games on offer on Stadia Pro, follow this link. Or, if you’re more interested in seeing what PS PlusXbox Game Pass, or Xbox Games With Gold is offering, we’ve got you covered.

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