Stadia to Receive In-App Messaging Service

Stadia to Receive In-App Messaging Service

Stadia could soon see users able to communicate with each other via text.

At least, according to 9to5Google, that is.

A recent report suggests that Google is looking set to incorporate text messaging in a new update. As 9to5Google notes, whilst digging around Stadia’s 2.16 update, their APK Insight team found some hints towards messaging.

Included in their find are references, such as; “Message History panel title”, “Text chat”, “ChatMessages”, and more.

9to5Google also noted how they found a new privacy setting – though, did admit that this was added in a previous version of Stadia but has still not been made available. The privacy setting in question quite literally states:

“Privacy setting defining who can message you”.


“Send you chat messages”.

The fact that Stadia doesn’t already have a messaging application available would be quite baffling. At least, it would be, if this weren’t Stadia we were talking about.

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