Stadia Early Adopters Losing Patience in Google Platform

Stadia Early Adopters Losing Patience in Google Platform

Another nail in the seemingly never-ending coffin that is Stadia’s reputation.

We’ve spoken a lot about the problems facing Google’s platform in the last few months. Now, thanks to an article by Business Insider, we have at least one more post for you.

As Business Insider‘s report states, some of Stadia’s early adopters have started to revolt. Stadia’s subreddit has provided a lot of evidence for this.

Comments picked out range from this;

“I’ve lost a lot of the excitement I had for the service. I’m not really excited because there simply doesn’t seem to be anything to be excited about anymore”.

To this;

“It feels like it’s died already. …Here I am trying to enjoy and justify the [$]130 I spent on this and I just can’t at this point. We got tricked into being beta testers and it pisses me off”.

There’s a substantial amount more. I’m sure we don’t really need to tell you why the bubble has seemingly already burst for Stadia’s early adapters. But we will anyway.

So Much Potential

The aforementioned $130 was for Stadia Premiere Edition. Giving you a Stadia gamepad, Chromecast Ultra device, and three months access to Stadia Pro. Pro being the equivalent to Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus.

However, for the most part, all of that is unnecessary to actually play Stadia’s games. The service promised users the ability to play on any supported screen – TV, laptop, tablet, and phone included – with any Bluetooth-enabled controller.

Or, even your own laptop keyboard and mouse.

So that $130, instead, is to grant you access to the Stadia system in order to buy additional games. For much, much, much less, you can gain access to the Epic Games Store. Or Steam. Or literally any other digital storefront.

Maybe it’s the exclusivity that you get with Stadia?


A lot of the games available are currently available on other platforms. There’re a few Stadia exclusives currently. Certainly not enough to warrant $130, however.

With Everything Going On, What Can Google do to Bounce Back?

Back to Business Insider‘s report, and they detailed how some of Stadia’s earliest adopters have one main reason why the platform has already started to fall out of favour. Well, besides the ones already listed.

Updates. Specifically, a lack thereof.

Considering Google is keen to ensure their other products (phones, tablets, etc) get the latest updates quickly, Stadia is already the latest black sheep.

Currently, Stadia still does not have a voice-chat available. One Reddit user commented saying;

“What’s going on there? How can it be that there is still no chat in Stadia?”

Google hasn’t even announced whether the function is coming!

Stadia is Struggling

Stadia has no OS or dashboard set-up on the service. Strangely enough, you can’t even connect the Pixel 4, Google’s own flagship smartphone, wirelessly. You have to connect it via a wire.

And if you’re an iPhone user who wants to try Stadia out, forget about it!

I’m a proud user of an HP Chromebook and a Google Pixel 4, the second Google-branded phone I’ve used. I have only ever used Android/Google OS on my smartphones. Even someone who is as perceived as being as loyal to the company as myself is finding Stadia a difficult sell

Stadia’s Pro Edition – supposed to be able to stream games at the highest 4K resolutions – doesn’t live up to what is described. As reported previously, Stadia does not stream in 4K. At times, it doesn’t even manage 30FPS.

Nor can you go from watching a YouTuber talking about a game to jumping straight into that game at the push of a button as was promised.

So, basically, it’s an expensive storefront that tries to operate as a mock-Netflix disguised as a completely portable Cloud-based console. Only, it seems to fail at every hurdle.

YouTube player

Stadia needs to have a stellar 2020 if they want to truly be taken seriously as an alternative to its competition. The concept was intriguing, the application was dismal.

Is the future of Stadia still to be the future of gaming?

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