July 5, 2022

Spyro Reignited Already Has PC Mods

Toys For Bobs’ excellent Spyro Reignited Trilogy recently flew in on PC. Which means the nostalgic-driven romp through the PlayStation 1’s classic has already received some custom-mods. Because, of course, it has!

With an air of irony, some of the most popular make the remasters look more akin to their PS1 heyday. Who needs flash 1080p 60fps when you can have the wonders of the PlayStation?

But, in all seriousness, it does look good.

On Nexusmods, the most popular mod is Aveean’s Classic Spyro mod. As you could imagine, this mod takes the new model and reskins it in retro Spyro colours and textures. According to the mod’s description, Aveean was inspired by a Reddit request. That, and he simply liked the original colours.

Credit; Aveean

Remastering a Remaster

As Aveean noted, he altered the main skin to have “less pink on the body, unsaturated horns and belly, dark red wings and light scales.” All of this combines to give Spyro that classic cool shade.

Of course, you can get a retro-ish version of Spyro using the game’s cheat codes. But this mod will retain the modern model whilst regaining the colours of the original.

Another mod which is sure to please many is the “My Legs” mod. This nifty addition removes Reignited’s Sparx’s legs and teeth to make him look more familiar to fans who hate what Toys For Bob did to Spyro’s sidekick.

And, if character models aren’t quite enough for you, there’s even a mod to revert dialogue subtitles and names to the originals. Seems a little pedantic, but I remember some characters dialogue being changed. ColossusSteppes has the mod available here if you’re interested.

Modder chompFish is working on a sound effect overhaul to make it more familiar with the original’s as well and you can hear a sample of that below

YouTube player

There’s also the usual amount of fun stuff you’d expect to find in mods. Amongst the many, there’s the option to change Spyro from a dragon to…well, have a look.

YouTube player

Yep. That is Spyro the Shiba Inu, a la Nintendogs fame. How much do you need that in your life right now?

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