• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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    Cheesemaster Games is a solo developer and the master behind Spirittea. The game has been inspired by Stardew Valley however it is different enough to not be a me-too!

    Spirittea follows a writer who has escaped to the countryside in order to clear their head and find inspiration for their next novel. However, after accidentally drinking from an old mystical teapot, our protagonist begins to see the spirit world overlapping with their reality.

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    Demo Version Gameplay

    Spirittea is both a life sim, and management game, all in one. Players live day to day, finding local NPCs and spirits to help, and taking part in tons of different hobbies, ranging from bug catching to karaoke.

    The game will be released on PC and console later in 2022. This game is one to watch and watch it closely I shall.

    Source: Spiritteagame

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