Spiritfarer – New Stuff Coming This Year

Spiritfarer – New Stuff Coming This Year

One of my favourite games of 2020 was Spiritfarer. It is a truly beautiful piece of work. Massively under-rated in my opinion. If you want to know more about the game, please check out my article, which can be found here. So imagine my delight when I learnt that this year Thunder Lotus Games have announced that there will be not one, but THREE updates heading our way. Yes, that is right three and they will be FREE.

Currently plans are afoot to release these updates in Spring, Summer and Autumn of this year. These updates will contain their own set of changes. These include new spirits, new buildings, new resources and overall quality of life improvements to the game.

Here is a roadmap for the upcoming updates for Spiritfarer.

Spiritfarer 2021 Roadmap

The Lily update due in Spring

As Stella is getting more familiar with the job of Spiritfaring, she starts to uncover some of her memories, which are starting to blossom as wondrous flowers over her cabin. These flowers house butterflies that roost to form our new spirit friend : Lily, Stella’s younger sister. Lily is the only spirit that’s active during the night. Just as she had been a shining presence in her big sister’s life, here she illuminates the night and lets you navigate your boat even when it’s dark!

The Beverly update is due in Summer

While visiting Oxbury, Stella is accosted by a stranger who turns out to be her old neighbour Beverly! She’s been feeling rather lonely on this island and couldn’t be happier to have finally found someone to talk to about the past! 

Speaking of the past, remember Overhead Projectors? To keep in line with the walk down memory lane, there will be the introduction of a new station called the Archive Room. Here you’ll be able to inspect a brand new set of collectibles called Acetate Sheets. Thunder Lotus Games are keeping what these sheets are about close to their chests for the time being.

The Jackie & Daria update is due out in Autumn

Stella receives coordinates for a new island that houses a run-down hospital. There, she’ll meet two spirits: Jackie, the caretaker, and Daria, his main patient. Seeing that Jackie is overworked, Stella decides to lend him a hand. You will be able to explore a whole new island, interact with these two new spirits and experience a brand new event!

More details are promised as we approach the release date for each content update. Did I mention these updates are completely free. Got to love an Indie Game.

Source: Thunder Lotus Games

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