May 22, 2022

SpiritFarer is an indie management game about dying. It is developed by Thunder Lotus Games. This is not the type of game that I would have predicted to come out of this studio as their previous games: Jotun and Sundered are both combat heavy action games with a dark narrative. SpiritFarer is very light in comparison.


In the game you play as Stella, who is the new SpiritFarer. Stella’s job is to find lost souls, fulfil their requests and help them pass onto the after life. To keep you company on this journey you have a companion, your cat, called Daffodil.

The Everdoor where Stella’s journey starts and the spirits journey ends

As one would expect in a management game, you must build and upgrade your boat, explore the world, spend quality time fishing and getting to know the spirits you meet.

Spiritfarer has customisation options galore. Options for your boat, your character and even Daffodil, your cat. You can play in local co-op and one of you will play as Daffodil.

It is not all plain sailing. You must learn to say goodbye to your friends, this game is about death and this something that you must prepare yourself for.

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SpiritFarer was released on the 18th August 2020 for PC, Xbox One (currently available on Game Pass) PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It was released on the 21st August 2020 for the Google Stadia.

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