Spectrum: Nintendo Switch Review

Spectrum: Nintendo Switch Review

Spectrum is a unique and striking puzzle game that gives you control of a little black comet-like creature. The aim of Spectrum is to navigate your little companion through a series of moving mazes as fast as you can while collecting tiny white or black specks.

Using alternate buttons to go higher or lower, you must navigate each maze avoiding the many obstacles in your way – your reactions and patience are the real antagonist in Spectrum. Whether you are avoiding moving columns, or weaving through moving structures, the games artificial gravity will be a constant force fighting against you. Each level is unique and different enough to keep the game feeling fresh and challenging.

The art design is pretty solid with a nice contrast between its colours and every level also has a dark version which looks just as nice. With the inclusion of the dark versions of each level which acts as almost a hard mode you will have around eighty levels to work through. Even after completing all of the levels that isn’t actually the end but I will let you find out how yourself.

Spectrum also offers local two player co-op so you can try and figure some of the gauntlet-like levels out with a friend. Dark versions of levels and co-op add an element of replayability to Spectrum which gives you a bit more bang for your buck.

Spectrum always feels fair and is always a challenge but even with each level feeling new I never felt that compelled to play for more than a few levels at a time. That’s not a bad thing in many ways, games like Spectrum are good for quick pick up and play sessions and that’s perfect for the Switch with its portable nature. This isn’t a game I could sit for hours and play though.

Spectrum’s soundtrack is by far the part I liked the least as its just boring, I did eventually just turn the sound off and chucked some Avenged Sevenfold on Spotify and enjoyed it even more with a faster tempo of music instead of the droning of Spectrums’ soundtrack.

Spectrum is perfect if you need something to play on a quick commute of to kill time between commercial breaks. At £10.79 it is quite expensive given the range of cheaper puzzle games on the Nintendo store, so it might be worth picking up in a sale if your not completely sold on it.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Spectrum is a very well presented puzzle game with a fair amount of content and replayability, but its poor soundtrack and inability to keep me playing for more than half hour at a time really lets it down.

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