Space Boat Shaping Up to be Mass Effect with Muppets!

Space Boat Shaping Up to be Mass Effect with Muppets!

Developer Recombobulator are working on Space Boat. A humorous investigative narrative game set on an intergalactic cruise-ship inhabited by various carpet based lifeforms.

The cruise-ship is called Princess Andromeda and you play as Inspector Domino. A space cat detective, charged with finding a shapeshifting thief. 

As an inspector, you will don your M.U.E.L. (Mobile Undercover Evidence Locker). Assemble your search party, talk to curious lifeforms, jot down notes, solve intriguing puzzles, explore a sprawling space cruiser, navigate secret passages in cat form, and touch many things you probably shouldn’t.

Space Boat Kickstarter Video

Your journey begins on the Jelly Shore, a popular holiday destination on Gelatonix 6. What was once a peaceful fishing village has now become a booming boardwalk. Crowned by the Princess Andromeda, the largest cruise ship in the galaxy. It’s your job to board the ship and stop the thief from escaping before it’s too late!

The Space Boat universe is rich in diverse extra-terrestrials. Meet the Carpatians, pet the Jelly Dog, enjoy a cup of Space Chuck’s Classic Krox with Glenn, and discover where the Gelatonians keep their loose change.

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Source: Recombobulator

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