May 23, 2022

Sony Sells 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles Worldwide

The PlayStation 5 becomes the fastest Sony console to achieve sales of 10 million units globally, beating the PS4 by a few weeks


According to the Sony Interactive Entertainment blog today, the PlayStation manufacturer has sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles. This monuments landmark was reached as of July 18th, this year. It makes the PS5 the fastest selling console in the  entire history of Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the blog, the team at SIE “couldn’t be more excited about the amazing response of our fans” Presumably this is in reference to those that could actually find one to buy.

On that, SIE reference that they have had to “push through the supply challenges” and of course the global pandemic to hit this record number of sales. Citing the intuition and ingenuity of the product development team in particular SIE seem rather chuffed.

But what’s ahead for the PS5? There is certainly a lot to get excited about on the exclusives front. This includes a new God of War from Santa Monica Studios, Gran Turismo™ 7 from Polyphony Digital, and Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games. Any of those three alone could quite easily shift a few truck-fulls of the winged console. Something everyone of those 10 million lucky owners will be rather smug about in months to come I’m sure.

Sony God of War

God of War Ragnarok among some of the most anticipated titles to further Sony’s coffers

Of course, it’s not just exclusives that will entice new players onto the platform. Some of the highly anticipated games from SIE’s partners include Battlefield 2042 from Electronic Arts, DEATHLOOP from Bethesda, Far Cry® 6 From Ubisoft, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits from Ember Lab.

Finally from Sony,

“We are incredibly grateful to our fans for the terrific reception of PS5 and our growing portfolio of gaming entertainment. Without your support and confidence, this early success would not have been possible. We are making steady progress with available global supply and can’t wait for the day when everyone who wants a PS5 can easily get one.

Our commitment to supporting PlayStation’s entire community, across all platforms and services, has never been stronger. So, wherever gamers are on their journey with us, we are committed to making sure that PlayStation is the best place to play.”

So congrats to SIE, and we hope they enjoy their moment in the sun. In all honesty, if I could sell my mother to be the 10 millionth and first sale it celebrates, I’d give it thorough consideration.

Source; SIE Blog

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