Sony reveals first look at PS5 VR Controllers

Sony reveals first look at PS5 VR Controllers

Sony has been keeping quiet about their still under wraps PS5 VR Headset, but today we got our first look at the controllers! Check them out below!


As you can see the wand-like controllers with a ping pong on top are gone and instead have been replaced with orb style controllers, that wrap around your hands, giving you more freedom and control in-game.

Much like the PS5 DuelSense Controller, these also feature Adaptive Triggers, amplifying the VR experience, so it’ll actually feel like you are firing a gun.

They’ll also have Haptic Feedback making traversal in-game more realistic and finger touch detection, meaning you’ll no longer have to physically press a button as the controller will ‘detect’ your fingers making gameplay and gesturing more natural.

Improved tracking in the headset will also make any VR game more immersive and will track the controllers instead of the PlayStation Camera.

Sony have said that the headset won’t launch this year, but expect more details in the coming months as they have started sending the controllers to developers. Sony have also said that the new headset will connect via a single wire and have a better resolution and field of view.

Following the fact that Sony patented an idea for you to smell your surroundings in-game (yes really) it seems that Sony are throwing everything at next-gen VR.

You can read the full details on the PlayStation Blog here.

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