June 25, 2022

Sony Register Trademarks For Consoles Up to PlayStation 10

Demonstrating some foresight that could have saved Bethesda a major headache, Sony has been filing some trademarks. And, by the looks of things, the company will be safe for console names for around five generations.

According to blogsite Alis, Sony has filed trademarks for the PlayStation 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10! Of course, whilst this doesn’t mean the consoles will necessarily be named that (though history suggests they will), it does give them brand security. You never know who might try and snap names out from under you.

As the writer piercesword notes, Sony has had a history of registering console names early. As seen below, the company filed for the PS2 in 1999 with the consoles release the following year. The PS3 was filed in 2005 with a release in 2006. The PS4 was filed back in 2006 with a release following in 2013. However, the also filled for the PS5 in 2006, which is scheduled for a release in 2020. So, they know how to plan ahead.

If we applied the same level of logic to these releases as we have seen with the PlayStation 5, then the PS10 might hit shelves sometime before the year 2060. Better start saving now so our grandkids can enjoy them. Urgh, now there’s a horrible thought!

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