June 27, 2022

Sony Pull The Plug On Old Gen

Millennials know all about the PS2. If they don’t they certainly know about Playstation 3’s and 4’s. But things might change on how we have the beloved console is repaired from now on by Sony.

They know how they used to platform with Crash Bandicoot or being on a bicycle with CJ in San Andreas. Now they may be more shocked than sad to hear that Sony have closed the PS2’s final repair centre in Japan.

Sony themselves stated that they were no longer able to offer repairs because they were running out of replacement parts for the ageing console. If you ask us then the PS2 has had a good run, the consoles production stopped in 2012 – this was 6 years after its predecessor the PS3 started its rotation.

Hopefully we can see Sony start to bring in more PS2 titles to it’s PS Now service so we can all jump back to our childhood.

This was originally spoke about by BBC here

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