May 22, 2022

Bad news as Sony’s PS Store revamp leaves PS3 and Vita Owners in the Cold

Sony is going to give a much need lick of paint to the PS Store on web and mobile but this change will have quite an impact on legacy PS3 and PS Vita users…

Sony is planning a revamp to the PS Store on the web and mobile app but it will leave PS3 and Vita owners in the cold. The PS5 is nearly upon us and Sony is SLOWLY gearing up to that launch. In an update this week, Sony has confirmed that the current PS Store (accessed online and via a mobile App) is being updated.

PS Store revamp to help fix clunky UI

We can’t complain. We’d argue that the online PS Store sorely needed a refresh. It’s clunky, slow and doesn’t integrate well with consoles. The web and App wishlist, for example, is not visible on the PS4. Plus it will need to work with a promised slicker store experience on PS5.

That said, if you are a loyal PS3 or PS Vita owner (yes we do exist), you’ll be losing out. As part of the refresh, now expected to roll out between the 21st and 26th October, the store will only feature PS4 and PS5 titles. Digital titles for the two legacy systems will now be removed, as will PSP games that can be played on Vita. On top of that, those lovable themes and avatars you can currently buy for your PS4 will also be removed from the store.

To be clear, you can still access these stores on their various devices. You can also download any titles already purchased on the devices themselves. This also goes for themes and avatars on the PS4.

Neglected store fronts for PS3 and PS Vita

Such is the way of things, but it is a shame because Sony has sorely neglected these device stores over the last few years. There has been no update to the PS Vita store in several years and some titles are hard to find via the UI. In the case of the Vita, the majority of titles were only released digitally. Particulaly in the West.

Are you a PS3 or Vita lover who will be left in the cold with this PS Store Revamp? Let us know below!

Source: PushSquare

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