Sony Patents AI That Plays Games For You

Sony Patents AI That Plays Games For You

Sony has filled a new patent that would allow an AI to take control of your game and play it for you, when you are away from your console… at least in theory anyway.

On top of the other patents Sony filled, which include turning anything into a VR controller, scent haptics and one which could do away with game difficulty by having the enemy AI adapt to the player, this new patent certain raises a few eyebrows.

The ‘Personal Assistant AI’ would be assigned to the gamer’s profile and learn how the player plays the game, looking first at basic behaviours like jumping shooting etc, and then move onto more complex tasks.

AI schematic from Sony
I can honestly feel my brain breaking looking at this

The theory is that after a certain amount of time the AI could start making the same decisions that the player would make, meaning the AI could start taking over the game for the player when they are not around. This ultimately means that you could go to work, go to the loo, or even go grab sustenance and not worry about having to pause or leave yourself defenceless if you are in a multiplayer game.

This also could mean that games with huge grinds to 100% complete (I’m looking at you Assassin’s Creed) could be completed by the AI so you can go out and live your life. Not to mention you could have the AI complete a task for you if you find it too difficult. The patent also mentions that the AI will continue to evolve on its own and if it finds it can’t complete a task, it will automatically search for help by going through online guides.

Now of course at the moment this is only an idea, and most patents never see the light of day. But it’s an interesting concept all the same. You can check out the patent for yourself here.

Do you think this something you would like to see? Could this spell the end of grinding? Let us know in the comments below!

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