May 27, 2022

Sony Has Teased a new PS5 Exclusive with Cryptic Tweet

A mysterious tweet from Sony has sent the rumour mill into overdrive, that they may be working on a new horror IP.

But could it be from Hideo Kojima?

It’s a busy year for Sony with the PlayStation 5 launching towards the end of 2020.

Despite no one yet knowing anything about the new console’s software, they’ve still got a very full line-up for 2020.

Bountiful PS4 Year

Including PlayStation 4 exclusives like game builder Dreams, Nioh 2, The Last Of Us Part 2 and a game I’m very hyped for, Ghost Of Tsushima.

Rumours persist regarding Gran Turismo 7 and a Demon’s Souls remake, but they themselves have been teasing something else unknown.

As you can see above it’s a strange-looking tweet, taking a little bit of studio knowledge to decipher.

As well as the fact that it comes from the main Sony account and not the official PlayStation twitter.

Anyone Want to Crack the Code?

This has prompted a guessing game from fans in the thread.

The animal icons are a peculiar tease from Sony, but a fan suggestion that it’s a tease for Tokyo Jungle 2 may be a little wide of the mark considering the low profile of the original.

The cryptic tweet could be a reference to the multiplayer features implied by a recently unearthed patent.

The patent alludes to multiple people being able to play the same game by controlling only a few of the buttons each.

This may explain why Sony themselves would be tweeting about it, as it would be a new feature for the PlayStation 5.

Rumour Overdrive

There have been rumours of secret new PlayStation exclusives being in development, with journalist Emre Kaya hinting that could be a new horror IP.

It’s intriguing that a few prominent developers have talked about creating horror games recently.

And many of those people having strong ties to Sony.

Hideo Kojima now of Death Stranding fame has already expressed his desire to work on ‘the scariest horror game’.

We Can Maybe Still Dream of Silent Hill

Rumours regarding a new Silent Hill game have been circulating for some time.

With original Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito is known to be working on a secret new project.

Interestingly, director Keiichiro Toyama, who has worked on Silent Hill and Sony’s horror franchise Forbidden Siren, is working with Suda51 and Swery65.

Apparently a new horror title Hotel Barcelona in partnership with cool indie studio Devolver Digital.

Swery65 is of course known for the popular cult title Deadly Premonition and with the sequel Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise scheduled to be out in 2020.

With Suda51 being known for the No More Heroes series, with the third iteration also looking to release this year.

God of Horror?

Games sometimes can get passed around to different publishers, sometimes when funding is an issue.

God Of Creator David Jaffe is also seemingly making a horror game currently.

Though he may not have signed up a publisher just yet.

But considering his track record, you wouldn’t expect him to have a lack of offers.

2020 Will Be a Horror Packed Year

Looking at all these teases from developers and studios alike, it seems like 2020 really will be a bumper year for horror games.

Coming from new IP’s and current series alike, there won’t be a lack of scares in the next year.

Though Sony’s animal tweet may not be the code we have to crack to get confirmation on any of these rumours, we can still dream that they are all true.

Sourced from: The Metro

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