May 28, 2022

Sony has Established a $100 Million COVID-19 Global Relief Fund

Sony has done its part for the COVID-19 response fund: a staggering $100 million fund. $10 million of that will go directly to the three most at-risk sectors.

Sony Corporation has recently announced the establishment of its “Global Relief Fund for COVID-19”.

This fund has access to US$100 million in order to support everyone who has been affected by the Coronavirus globally.

Sony has promised to provide support for those affected in three specific areas:

  • with assistance for those individuals engaged in frontline medical and first responder efforts to fight the virus,
  • support for children and educators who must now work remotely, and
  • support for members of the creative community in the entertainment industry.

Of that $100 million, $10 million is being donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and UNHCR. This will help assist frontline workers and first responders and their continuing efforts against the virus.

Sony’s Help Will Hopefully Pay Dividends

Teachers and, more specifically, children who have been affected will see Sony’s help in a different way. They are looking at ways to “leverage its technologies in support of educational activities”.

This is as well as “cooperating with educators to implement these measures”. What this means precisely is yet to be seen. However, as someone who’s best friend is a teacher, I do hope they receive additional support. After all, teachers play a highly important role in society.

Lastly, the creative community (which Sony notes includes, musicians, photographers, game-producers, and animators), Sony will help them out financially.

They intend to do that by seeking out “ways to support up-and-coming creators. [Those who] have been impacted by the cancellation or postponement of concerts and live events”. This is especially pertinent in our industry. You only need to glance through ABG‘s recent articles to see how many games have been affected by delays.

President and CEO of Sony Corp., Kenichiro Yoshida, said:

“Sony extends its condolences to the families of those who have passed away as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. [Sony] extends its sympathies to all those who have been impacted. In order to overcome the unprecedented challenges that as a society we now face around the world. We will do all we can as a global company to support the individuals on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, the children who are our future, and those who have been impacted in the creative community”.

This is one of the more generous (direct) amounts a gaming company has donated towards COVID-19 relief support. Nintendo recently donated nearly 10,000 special facemasks to local first responders. Rockstar is currently donating 5% of all in-game revenue generated from GTA Online and Red Dead Online. And more companies besides have done their part.

Clearly, it is a time where some companies are showing their moral worth more than ever before.

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