Sony Finally Reveal PS5 Details

Sony Finally Reveal PS5 Details

Sony has unequivocally won the battle for current gen supremacy, having sold 90 million PS4 units since launch. Content with their dominance, Sony’s attention has begun turning towards next gen hardware. Thought the name is unconfirmed, the PS5 looks to be an absolute monster!

Sony were quiet on the specifics, but they gave WIRED the first glimpse of their next gen hardware. The PS5 will be powered by AMD’s gen 3 Ryzen CPU, based on their 7mn Zen 2 architecture. The PS4’s CPU has been the consoles main bottleneck, and so this is a welcome generational leap over current hardware. Improvements to the CPU will facilitate improved physics, while hopefully providing the foundation for more stable frame rates.

Of course, the PS5 will see substantial improvements to the the GPU, which will include a solution for ray tracing. This is a cutting-edge graphical rendering technique that accurately traces the path of light, resulting in realistic luminance and surface reflections. It’s been used in Hollywood SFX for years, but was only introduced to gaming last year via Nvida’s RTX series GPU’s.

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Nvidia’s CDC 2019 Ray Tracing Demo

Storage modality is easily overlooked when considering hardware specifications. Sony seem to have finally embraced solid state drives. SSD’s are the cheapest and best upgrade that can be made to any gaming system. Sony highlighted the importance of an SSD, by showcasing a reduction in Spider-Man loading times, from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds. Yes, less than a second!

Finally, Sony commented on their solution for improved audio; something that remained largely unchanged from the PS3.  It’s their hope that their custom 3D sound unit “redefine” what sound can do for games. Again, this is a welcome upgrade. We have seen how important sound is to the gaming experience this gen, with games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice implementing spectacular sound effects to really immerse the player in the game.


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