May 22, 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie is Actually a Good Video Game Movie?!

So the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie has been released. Did you see it over the weekend? Did you enjoy it? It seems an awful lot of people did as it’s managed to do the unthinkable for a videogame movie!

There’s a number of people online – myself included – who might have written the Sonic the Hedgehog movie off.

The “curse of the videogame movie” was always going to mark against it. And then, of course, there was that initial character reveal!

However, low and behold, it’s actually shaped up to be a decent movie in its own right!

Within the movie’s opening weekend – which just so happened to coincide with both Valentine’s Day and President’s Day 2020 – Sonic grossed ~$58 million. This feat, impressive by any film outside of major Hollywood Summer blockbusters, is even better when you consider the previous best-performing videogame movie, Detective Pikachu, grossed $54.3 million.

That figure, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter, has broken the video game movie opening weekend record.

Gotta Go Fast Get Rich

Furthermore, (if you’re interested in reviews) Sonic the Hedgehog has done exceedingly well on aggregate review site, Rotten Tomatoes. Whilst not “Certified Fresh”, Sonic has scored 64% with Critics and an amazing 94% with Audiences.

Clearly, people enjoyed the movie. Which has left actor Ben Schwartz (who voices Sonic) stunned. Taking to Twitter, Ben shared:

“It’s not just that so many of you are going to see #Sonicmovie, it’s that you are loving what you see!

SONIC IS CERTIFIED FRESH ON @ROTTENTOMATOES W/ A 95% AUDIENCE SCORE & AN “A” CINEMA SCORE! How are those numbers calculated? I have no idea! But I’ve told this is amazing”.

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It’s a great result for the movie, and for fans of Sonic especially! How high can this newfound wave of good video game movies keep going though? Only time will tell. Please, Hollywood, don’t ruin it!

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