Sonic Frontiers’ Director Taking Feedback Onboard

Sonic Frontiers’ Director Taking Feedback Onboard

Sonic Frontier has finally been released.

The blue blur is back with a brand-new, open-world game to run around in.

And, for a lot of fans – myself included – the game is…okay.

Sure there are some common-to-3D-Sonic problems prevalent (I’m looking at you, camera!) but it’s a decent game all things considered.

That isn’t to say that Sonic Team is resting on its laurels, however.

Director Morio Kishimoto has taken to Twitter to comment on the game’s early reception, saying;

“[For all of us that don’t speak Japanese, here is the DeepL translation]; Sorry we have been so busy since the release date that we have not been able to contact you. I am relieved that the release date has arrived and that it seems to have reached you all safely. We have checked out the critics and your opinions. As you have pointed out, there are still areas where we are not quite there yet, and we will take this seriously as a global playtest”.

Other media outlets out there have picked up on Kishimoto’s comments, particularly that last sentence.

These outlets have run with the idea that Sonic Team was using Frontiers as a global playtest. Or even a beta test. One that the team released as a fully-fledged game at full price.

The overarching context behind his statement seems to be more that the team is using players’ feedback to help shape the future of Sonic games.

Granted, it did this with a full-priced release.

However, the game does offer a lot of content for what is there. And, yes, Sonic Team does still have some issues to iron out. You’ll be able to see some of them in our brand new Let’s Play series on the ABG YouTube channel.

However, Sonic Frontiers is definitely the start of something much bigger.

And, with player feedback guiding the way, this might be the start of a long-overdue redemption for Mr the Hedgehog.

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