So, the “X” Button Isn’t Actually the “Ex” Button

So, the “X” Button Isn’t Actually the “Ex” Button

Take a quick look at your PlayStation remote control. Read out those iconic symbols.

Square. Circle. Triangle. Ex.

They’re as iconic as any character, location, or weapon from gaming.

However, it seems we’ve all been foolish. For twenty years, we’ve all been erroneous in our pronunciations.

And Sony has had enough.

Yep, as PlayStation has confirmed, the “X” button is called “Cross.”

And, if you like your Twitter pages with a smidge of banter, several users got in on the action. Have a click on the above Twitter thread to read some hilarious digs, bants, and everything besides.

Or, if you can’t be bothered or haven’t got time, here are some of the better ones;

Fascinatingly though, the (not-UK) PlayStation Twitter posted a poll to throw some intriguing doubt on it.

Maybe it’s just a British thing then? Why not let us know who you think is right (Ex) and wrong (anybody who actually calls it Cross) in the comments section down below?

And who says that gaming journalism is always pessimistic?

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