Sniper Elite Getting Board Game Adaptation

Sniper Elite Getting Board Game Adaptation

Rebellion Unplugged is turning Sniper Elite into a Cluedo-esque board game.

The Kickstarter project has excelled it’s £22,000 target [as of time of writing, there’s around £78,000 already raised]. So, naturally, that means the game should be put into production soon.

The board game is an inventive retelling of the Sniper Elite video game series; one player will take control of Allied sniper, Karl Fairburne, whilst up to three other players can assume the roles of German soldiers.

Karl’s objective is to destroy the various Nazi strongholds around the map. The German soldiers need to hunt Karl down before he is successful in his mission. However, the twist is that Karl’s location is hidden from the board.

As you can imagine, there’s a wide range of extras depending on the amount pledged. The “Cadet Pledge”, for instance, includes;

  • A full sized game board
  • Secret dry-erase board
  • Thirty shot tokens
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Ten tracking cubes
  • Twelve action cubes
  • Ten 32mm miniature figurines
  • 12+ sniper equipment cards
  • Six specialist defending officers
  • Nine objective cards
  • A velvet effect draw bag
  • And the single-player mode equipment, including;
    • Defender AI deck
    • Solo mini-board
    • Custom die

From there, rewards go up to increase various extra items. For instance, the next pack up from Cadet (the “Marksman”), includes, amongst other things, a “teste-kill” miniature.

Which, yes, showcases a miniaturised Adolf Hitler following the destruction of his…erm…remaining manhood.

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For a full, in-depth scope of what the board game features, check out the Kickstarter page.

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