June 30, 2022

SMITE Leagues & ESL partnering with Mixer

Look out Twitch, Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer is gaining ground in the world of eSports.  With recent enhancements like the multicast functionality and the introduction of a feature that will allow viewers to purchase the games directly during the live stream, it’s no wonder Mixer is starting to capture some of the larger eSports organization away from Twitch.

For all you esports fans out there who might not already be aware; Hi-Rez Studios, ESL and Gamingzone Entertainment have recently announced their partnerships with Mixer.

Not only did Hi-Rez Studios recently announce the creation of a PS4 SMITE League, which will be open to both North America and Europe, but they also announced that they are partnering with Mixer to stream both the  SMITE Pro League and the SMITE Console League exclusively on that platform; as they currently do with the Paladin Console Series.

In the announcement Hi-Rez Studios advised that the partnership will allow their SMITE viewers the ability to link their accounts, thereby removing the need for codes when completing purchases during live streams.  For full details tune into Mixer.com/SMITEgame at 11 AM EST on June 1st to learn more about connected accounts.  For those interested in more PS4 SMITE League qualification details click here.

Although previously ESL had announced they had partnered with Facebook to stream Counter Strike:Global Offensive and Dota 2, Mixer has recently announced that ESL has now partnered with them to stream over 15,000 hours of programming which will include pro competitions in games such as:  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , League of Legends and Dota 2.

To add to the esports line ups that are moving to Mixer, GamingZone Entertainment has also announced that they have partnered with Mixer for exclusive broadcasting of the second series of its live esports reality show GAMERZ

Three esports organizations have made the move to Mixer and it’s only been a year since Mixer was introduced.  Which esports league do you think will make the move next?


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