July 5, 2022

Skyforge to get its own Battle Royale

Following the recent trend of of other games, Skyforge is about to get its very own Battle Royale mode.

Skyforge initially released as a Sci-Fi fantasy MMORPG but seems it has decided to try and cash in on the recent success of other games providing a Battle Royale system.



Publisher My.Com has announced on its website that the game mode will be a free update on all platforms and that pre orders began yesterday (17th August 2018).

Whilst there is no official release date on My.com, sources indicate that this mode will be available on August 28 (PC), August 29 (PS4) and August 30 (Xbox One).

Skyforge has decided to take add a bit of a unique twist in their game mode by spawning in rare and deadly monsters.  It may not be essential for you to kill these but they do hold some valuable items.

You’re probably thinking you will need to have had a decent level character to participate? This is not the case as you can jump straight in right from the start.

You can see the announcement trailer below.


YouTube player

* Sources Freemmostation & MMORPG

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