Skybolt Zack heading to EGX Berlin

Skybolt Zack heading to EGX Berlin

After an incredibly successful show at EGX London, Skybolt Zack from Devs Must Die & Green Man Gaming Publishing will be available for hands on in the Rezzed Zone of EGX Berlin from 1st to 3rd of November.

A masterpiece combination of classic platform design and rhythm gaming systems Skybolt Zack was a stand out game at the recent EGX London; described by as “perfectly tuned”.

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And that’s not all – with the success of the game at EGX, Devs Must Die have extended their crowd scored demo challenge to include all those who trial the game at the Station Berlin event introducing a 5th and final tier to the rewards. Ahead of the new tier unlocking, the developer will also be giving away 5 game codes per day to twitter followers, chosen at random, as soon as Tier 4 has been unlocked* – the sooner it unlocks, the more keys will be handed out!

The demo challenge will now run until 5th November ahead of the full release on Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch on 7th November.

Full details of the Crowd Scored Demo Challenge and tiers can be found HERE

Skybolt Zack; an all new take on high speed, reflex testing, platform action born out of ISART Digital, the Parisian video game school; marks Green Man Gaming Publishing’s first ever console release launching simultaneously for Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC on 7th November priced at $19.99 / £14.99 / €16.79 for PC and $19.199 / £17.99 / €19.99 on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Game Press

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