Skull & Bones: It’s a Live (Game)

Skull & Bones: It’s a Live (Game)

On the back of the recent Ubisoft Forward event there have been a number of other announcements. One of those is in relation to Ubisoft’s long awaited Skull & Bones.

For those who don’t remember, back in 2017 Ubisoft released a trailer for Skull & Bones. A pirate game, potentially seen as competition to Sea of Thieves (announced 2015). However Skull & Bones, rather than playing an individual pirate, would instead have you control the whole ship. In gameplay similar to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

Although initially slated for a 2018 release, Skull & Bones was instead delayed until 2019/2020. But this was the last we’d heard of it. Until now. VGC recently broke a news article that Skull & Bones has undergone a reboot. Instead of a traditional static world and gameplay, Skull & Bones would instead become a ‘Live’ game. This is in an attempt to distance itself from other Ubisoft Open World titles.

Plans for the future?

This “Live” version of the game would style itself similar to Epic’s Fortnite, which many publishers are striving to keep pace with. But what this would actually entail remains unclear at this time and we have not had a statement from Ubisoft regarding this. In fact there has not been an update from Ubisoft on Skull & Bones in over a year. This has led many to wonder what would happen to the game and to the proposed TV show.

Skull & Bones’ conspicuous absence from the recent conference push back any release date a year at minimum and probably more. A Live game does present some opportunities that Ubisoft can explore. And I personally would prefer this new direction as opposed to an updated Black Flag mechanic.

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