Skeletal Avenger, a Roguelite Head-Chucker Hits Nintendo Switch

Skeletal Avenger, a Roguelite Head-Chucker Hits Nintendo Switch

Game developer and publisher 10tons releases Skeletal Avenger on Nintendo Switch, an action oriented roguelite hack’n’slash dungeon crawler where the player controls a skeleton with the ultimate goal of avenging his own death.

Skeletal Avenger is known for its massive perk variety and head-chucking special moves, as shown in the trailer below.

Skeletal Avenger Release Trailer

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The Switch release is our last console release before the mobile version. During the 2021 we’ve made numerous optimizations into our engine which provide increased performance on Switch in some of our games including Skeletal Avenger.

If you’re looking for a straightforward roguelite dungeon crawler with action bias and loads of perks, you should check out Skeletal Avenger.

Sampo Töyssy,10tons


  • Build your playstyle each run with over 50 perks and trinkets!
  • Decapitate yourself to do special attacks: Your hat determines the effect
  • Fight in four biomes: Dungeons, Sewers, Dark Caverns and the Sorcerer’s Castle
  • Over a dozen enemies with unique behaviors
  • Explore procedurally generated & hand made levels
  • Equip your skeleton with increasingly powerful gear
  • Buy upgrades increasing your might
  • Single player and 2-4 player local co-op
  • Endless number of quests to complete in NG+ mode
  • Test your skills in the Arena Challenges

Skeletal Avenger is built using 10tons Ltd. proprietary game engine technology and is primarily targeted at PCs and current & next-generation consoles.

The game is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC via Steam. Details about the iOS and Android versions will be announced at a later date.

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