Skater XL is Coming to PlayStation 4

Skater XL is Coming to PlayStation 4

Easy Day Studios recently announced Skater XL, a game that delivers unparalleled access to skateboarding culture, is coming to PlayStation 4.

Since its debut on Steam’s Early Access, Skater XL has spawned a massive community. Boasting more than 50,000 players in its Discord channel, thousands of “very positive” reviews on Steam, and several players who have more 1,000 hours of playtime. This highly passionate community has created thousands of video parts, mods, ‘fakeskate’ brands and even their own digital magazine.

Their top request? – “Bring it to PlayStation 4!”

Skater XL will launch later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. This makes it the first skateboarding game to come to all major platforms in more than 10 years.

Let’s Go!

Skater XL is the first-ever skateboarding title to give direct control of the feet and board at all times rather than canned trick animations, unlocking the creative potential of the player with sandbox-style gameplay.

Create, combine, and style tricks as you hit iconic California locations where street legends have left their mark. Dive into the digital skate subculture with skate spots based on iconic real locations from the West Coast.

With a huge modding community that has created thousands of maps, digital skate ezines, personal video parts, in-game brands, and contests, Skater XL celebrates the creativity and dedication of the skate community.

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Skater XL is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. More announcements will be coming soon for Skater XL – be sure to follow the game on Instagram and Twitter, Like the team on Facebook, and visit the official website, SkaterXL.

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