May 25, 2022

Silent Hill Sequel Leaked Following Konami Troll

Silent Hill

It is the mark of an exceptional franchise when a single moment can instantly trigger our collective memory. Synapses clicking into place like dominoes falling from one halcyon recollection to the next, each more evocative than the last. The sound of Sonic collecting rings, Mario bounding from one goomba to the next, Brosna’s leap of faith off that unforgettable dam. Or as was the case this weekend past, the ionic, spine-chilling wail of the siren from Silent Hill 2. They say smell is the most evocative sense of all. But in this case, it’s Konami that smells our fear.

This is all it took to send the ever loyal, every hungry Silent Hills fandom into rapturous meltdown. One, single, inimitable sound couple with a lone sentence, “Close your eyes. Always scary. Silent Hill 2 Siren”, posted on the official Konami site.

May all your nightmares come true

Finally, our dreams (nightmares?) were to be made real, the long wait finally over. A Silent Hill game inevitably on the way. What other, possible explanation could there be for such provocative a tweet? To rouse speculation so blatantly could mean only one thing in the hands any developer with even a modicum of respect for their cultist following. Wrong. Turns out, they were having a movie night.

You have to admire the audacity of it, and Konami’s misplaced faith that telling the internet to “calm down dear” would have any more placatory effect than pouring water on a chip-pan fire. Naive, to say the least. But with the hole half complete, why stop there? Konami continue,

Hole fully dug, this was too little, too late. Here are a couple of the PG 13 replies, carefully curated selection to satisfy your schadenfreude (the PEGA ratings don’t stop there, I’ll leave the discovery of the more colourful replies for curious minds to find).

Oh dear. Slap on the wrists all round, we should consider Konami suitably chastised. But now we have all simmered down somewhat, what conclusions can we draw from this? With Hideo Kojima clearly driving his stake in the ground with his well acknowledged return to the horror genre, one thing is clear. Demand for decent survival horror is outpacing supply tenfold.

Many a true word said in jest

What gives us pause for thought is that the aforementioned “Silent Hill” account mentioned in the Konami Tweets is only a month old. Why would Konami be linking to an account so soon after its inception? Further, Konami clearly specify that any such announcement of an alleged release would come from ”an event or something”. With Sony’s State of Play just around the corner, this all seems a bit too much of a coincidence. As if in reply, this tweet appeared just 45 minutes after the original post.

Here at Any Button Gaming we are not known to delve too deeply into rumour and speculation. But with this much evidence in front of us, it’s hard to keep the cogs from turning. Too frequently have we seen triple A developer drop the proverbial bomb, only to suddenly play coy like a chocolate smeared toddler fervently denying any involvement whatsoever in the missing cake. The truth, is spread wide across Konomi’s face.

But what do we know? Let us know what you think in the comments, and whether you expect to see the next Silent Hill’s iteration in the upcoming expo.

Source: Eurogamer

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