Silent Hill reveal event coming tomorrow

Silent Hill reveal event coming tomorrow

Silent Hill transmission is scheduled for Wednesday 19th October, with Konami planning to reveal the latest updates regarding the series, breaking the long radio silence on the franchise.

There were stirring regarding the series back in February when a Silent Hill title referenced as Silent Hill: The Short Message was rated in South Korea. This has added to the rumours that this game will be announced tomorrow, sending fan theories into overdrive.

10 Long Years

Considering we haven’t had a mainline entry in the series since the somewhat mixed reception of Silent Hill: Downpour back in 2012, this would be a likely time to announce the title and give an update on development as a 10 year anniversary gift to fans.

Just one interesting fan theory. Credit: JudgementKaz_

Leaked clues, lead fans

Also in May of this year, leaked images of a supposedly new Silent Hill game were shared on Twitter before being deleted due to a copyright claim.

The images showed among other things, a cluttered room, a woman with words written under her skin and a note ridden corridor with a figure standing at the end with a pink hue lighting the shot. One of the words written on the woman’s face states “minger”, an English slang word, possibly referencing a new setting.

Multiple sources also reference a Silent Hill 2 remake as being in development which, given the success of the Resident Evil remakes released in recent years, this would seem a feasible rumour to help reignite a stagnant series. Next up a AAA Castlevania title considering the popularity of the animated series right?

Don’t forget to set yourself a reminder for the reveal!

See you soon SH fans!

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