May 23, 2022

Sifu to Feature Aging Protagonist

Sifu, Kung-fu through the years

Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno recently announced in the Playstation Future Games Show that their upcoming game; Sifu. Will feature an aging protagonist. Although it seems like this aging won’t affect anything more than aesthetics, we’ll probably find out more closer to the release date. What we do know, is that the more you die, the more you age. If you haven’t heard of Sifu, you may have heard of Sloclap‘s other title; Absolver. In Sifu you will have to become the master of Kung-fu as you fight your way through enemies to take down the five assassin’s who killed your family.

Although an interesting concept, very few games feature an aging protagonist. After all, why spend all that time designing a cool looking character, just to have them age out of it very quickly. Not to mention the risk of alienating a (traditionally) younger player-base. The only other example that springs to mind is the original Fable. But this had no gameplay affect, I was still slaying monsters and chasing villagers as an octogenarian. But can you think of anywhere else this has been implemented well?

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