Shores Unknown Build Your Own Team of Mercenaries

Shores Unknown Build Your Own Team of Mercenaries

Shores Unknown is a single-player tactical RPG featuring an innovative gridless battle system combined with epic fights against raid bosses and large armies. The game has been developed by Vallynne and published by Hitcents.

The Crown rules the land and the fearsome Inquisition are in charge of policing.

To the south lies the Empire and perpetual war, while to the north there is only the Murk. The what? The murk is a seething wall of fog from which no ship has ever returned. In the midst of these grand forces, both natural and otherwise, our heroes must find a way to survive and to pursue their dreams of liberty.

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Play as the newly-made leader of a mercenary company, fresh off an assignment gone awry. Now on the wrong side of the Crown, allies and loyalty are paramount. Forced to venture through the maw of the Murk in a search for truth, players will explore unknown lands, forge new alliances, and wage battle against those who would see to their end. 

Interested? There is a developer Live stream at the Steam game festival on the 4th & 7th February 2pm (GMT)

February 2021 should see the game released for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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