July 5, 2022

Shenmue 3 Collector’s Edition Honours Dreamcast

9th September 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast.

Let that seep in for a moment, fellow millennials.

Yes, two whole decades ago, the greatest console ever arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, it failed to thrive in the shadow of the juggernaut known as the PlayStation. Low sales lead to the demise of SEGA as a manufacturer altogether, who dropped out of the console market.

However, despite this, the Dreamcast had many gems to its name. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Jet Set Radio, and Shenmue I & II. Whilst each game went on to be ported to other consoles, they will always represent SEGA’s last hurray to many.

And, to honour that, Shenmue III’s Collector’s Edition features a very special bonus item. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, Shenmue III features a commemorative Dreamcast case. For anyone not too fussed with a piece of equipment older than some countries, there’s a host of other goodies as well.

Ryo’s Return

Alongside a copy of the game, there’s a double-sided mirror, Shenmue patches, stickers, and a shadow art lightbox. Running in at $100, the Collector’s Edition is surely a must-have for fans of the franchise. Sadly, the Dreamcast case seems to have been omitted from the UK release of the game.

The game itself looks to be a triumphant return for the beloved series. The latest trailer should give fans hope for the release, as the series hero Ryo Hazuki is back in his natural environment. Yep, in a local market, taking part in some arcade games, and beating up some mob guys.

That’s not to say that Shenmue III has had the easiest of births. Aside from the obvious lengthy development, there was a last-minute announcement that displeased many fans. Yep, Shenmue III was coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, but only via the Epic Games store.

Whether that bothers you or not is a moot point, as Shenmue III drops 19th November.

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