July 1, 2022

Shape of the World – Xbox One Review

I feel like I have to start off by saying that Shape of the World is not my usual choice of game to play. In fact, if anything, I tend to stay away from these artistic titles. Shape of the World is an artistic game that is defined by it’s look and the journey you experience during gameplay.

The game opens with a foggy white scene which turns into snowfall as you move forward towards the titular triangle shape. As you move the music seems to evolve depending on the direction you take and strange shapes are seen protruding from the ground. Interacting with each block produces a staircase which leads you onwards towards the glowing triangle on the horizon. Make your way up to this first big triangle and you’re transported to a beautiful scene of green rolling hills, cliffs and trees.

The use of shifting colours and the simple mechanics are there to let you sink effortlessly into the pretty artistic style. From what I can tell the object of the game is to explore and collect different types of seeds and to go through the triangular gates. Other than that you’re free to explore at your own pace and interact with whatever you wish in this procedurally generated forest.

The game is very relaxing and beautifully crafted but overall it seems to lack any real character especially when compared to other games in a similar category; Journey, Innerspace and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture to name a few. For me, the essence of these games is what pulls you forward on the journey – the big reveal. Yes, everything can be visually stunning but where is the motivation to progress, where is the reward for traversing this world?

There doesn’t feel like there is any. There’s nothing that motivates you to move on aside from the fact that there is very little else to do. When comparing the relevant payoffs for different games, this one just feels underwhelming and the game never does anything to make up for that. Now Shape of the World isn’t a bad game and it is an incredibly beautiful one, it just never really does enough to make itself interesting past it’s own abstract

What’s Good:

  • Striking visual style
  • Great music and sound
  • Simplistic Controls

What’s Bad:

  • Poor use of speed
  • The darker themes make it hard to traverse
  • Lack of any real character
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  • 5/10
    Overall - 5/10


A beautiful and artful game that draws you in and relaxes you, unfortunately it doesn’t do much of anything else.

Great if you’re looking for a soothing game not if you’re looking for action.

More style over substance.

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