June 27, 2022

Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice Has Already Sold 2 Million

From Software’s latest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, released to rapturous reviews. Sitting at an average of 90% on Metacritic, the game sits alongside From Software’s previous best, Bloodborne, as a “must play” on the review aggregate site. According to Activision, those reviews have translated to sales.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice awarded Metacritics “Must-Play” accolade

According to a release on Activision’s website, Sekiro has shipped more than 2 million copies in the first ten days of sales. For a new IP catering to a niche market, this represents an outstanding return. To put it into perspective, From Software’s last new IP, Bloodborne, is widely regarded as generation defining and that took two months to achieve the same sales landmark.

The news is also a welcome boost for Activision, who recently lost the rights to the Destiny franchise following their split from Bungie. This helps Activision begin to rebuild their portfolio, while offering a great distribution and marketing platform for From Software.

It’s encouraging to see new IP’s doing well. The industry is somewhat oversaturated with sequels, with new IP’s, such as Anthem, struggling to gain a foothold in a market with established franchised. This clearly shows that the hunger is there for new IP’s. Hopefully publishers are listening.  

Source: GameSpot.com

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