July 1, 2022

Sega Mistakenly Released ‘Yakuza 6’ For Free. Demo Pulled.

The demo of ‘Yakuza 6’, which released earlier today clocked in at over 30 GB. The game was available on the North American Playstation Store for a limited time before Sega realised the mistake made. While 30 GB initially seems a lot for a demo, when you realise it’s for a full game it becomes more understandable. However, while it was the full game… Only the opening stages were made playable. With the premise being that if you bought ‘Yakuza 6’ your data would carry over. That was the plan anyway…

Screenshots released of Yakuza 6, will it build on the reception of Yakuza 0?

For some lucky few, the lockout restrictions set were not in effect. Gamers realised this quickly when playing through the ‘demo’. Specifically at a point where the demo clearly should have ended at a specific point early in the game. A small selection of players realised they could keep playing ; and earn trophies as they wish. They had essentially downloaded a full, free game which they could play to their hearts content.

Sega abruptly realised the error and quickly pulled the game from the North American store. The European and Australian stores though seemed to have the correct versions of the demo… So they’re still up. This is quite similar to the ‘Watch Dogs 2 Xbox’ scandal of December 2016. A code was released to a customer who shared this code to the internet. The code worked an unlimited amount of times, it was shared on reddit and across a myriad of sites. All of the gamers who used the code ( including the original person!) had their access to the game removed. This caused a mass uproar as some gamers who had genuine access to the game had it removed.

One of the things Yakuza games have been famous for are the amount of things you can get up to. What will you do on your quest?

With the release of ‘Yakuza 6’ being April 17th, this is a massively premature time to have the game out there. Gamers who spent hours doing everything possible and beating the game would feel completely resentful toward Sega if they were to get all their access revoked. Also, once a game you are playing gains a trophy you cannot remove it from your trophy list. So the record will always be there.Sega are likely to feel embarrassed and un-easy  that they have allowed such a rookie error to take place. They are likely to remove access from the game – as that is all they can possibly do.

Gamers would feel indignant if they lost access to the demo, however Sega simply cannot allow this to go “under the mat”. Players should not fear, as no disciplinary action seems likely, just prepare to be denied access on your copy, if you can still get on the game. Keep going at it while you can!

What are your thoughts on Sega releasing ‘Yakuza 6’ prematurely? Let us know in the comments below!

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