Sea of Thieves Coming to Steam “Soon”

Sea of Thieves Coming to Steam “Soon”

Steam players will soon have a chance to play Sea of Thieves.

Craig Duncan, head of Rare, confirmed the new. Taking to an Xbox Wire post, Duncan noted how the pirating adventure game will soon allow Steam players to join the crusade.

“For two years, pirates across the globe have set out in their droves to uncover the mysteries of the Sea of Thieves. Brave buccaneers have taken on Megalodons, repelled the killer Kraken and looted skeleton-filled Forts, forging their names into legend. More than 10 million unique players have already embarked upon this search for adventure, treasure and glory. And soon we’ll be opening the gilded gates to welcome in Steam users!”

No release date is currently attached. However, the game is already hugely popular having seen no less than 10 million unique players take to the pirating life.

Shiver Me Timbers!

Sea of Thieves offers players a unique solo-or-multiplayer adventure mode. If you want to, you can choose to man a ship all to yourself, taking on the challenges of the high seas. Or, you can team up with other players and make a fully-fledged go at things.

There’s also the PvP option. The Arena mode pits your crew against others. Who is the bravest and most skilful scallywag of the seven seas? Find out in Sea of Thieves Arena.

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Regardless of how you play, Sea of Thieves will have further crossplay enabled. Meaning Steam players will be able to play with Xbox One and Windows 10 players across the world. So, if you fancy getting yourself on the hull of your very own pirate ship, add Sea of Thieves to your wishlist now.

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