Sales of Humble Bundle to Help Towards Australian Wildfire Disaster

Sales of Humble Bundle to Help Towards Australian Wildfire Disaster

The recent Australian Wildfires have gripped the attention of the world. Millions of dollars in damages, and, most importantly, millions of species of animals have suffered. Some animals, indigenous to Australia, face extinction. Truly, it has been an awful start of the year for a lot of Australia.

If you would like to help towards the Australian Fire Rescue, then there’s great news. You can help out and add some new games to your library.

Thanks to the new Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle, you can help make a difference. The bundle overs you over $400 worth of (mostly) Australian-made games for $25/£19! And, for 29 games, that is one helluva bargain!

The beauty of Humble Bundles is, of course, that’s merely the recommended price. If you were feeling generous enough and had the cash, you could pay any amount for the bundle.

Here’s the best part. Every single cent made from the sale of this bundle goes directly to appropriate charities. That’s right, 100% of sales is split between WIRES, the RSPCA, and the WWF. The bundle is available here, until 23rd January to pick this bundle up.

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