May 19, 2022

Ryan Reynolds to Star in Dragon’s Lair Netflix Adaptation

With thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that Ryan Reynolds will be the lead to Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Dragon’s Lair, a classic 1980s arcade game that, at one time, took America by storm.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has closed a deal to produce a live-action adaptation of Dragon’s Lair. The film will star Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

For anyone too young to remember, or who lives in denial the 80s ever happened, Dragons Lair was America’s most popular game…Once upon a time.

Boasting animated, movie-style gameplay, the game ran on Laserdisc (ask your parents). Players took control of the brave knight Dirk the Daring. Dirk was tasked with rescuing Princess Daphne from all manner of evil ne’er-do-wells.

Fans often remember Dragon’s Lair fondly. The lush cinematics and art style made it stand out from other 80s arcade games.

Fun fact, ex-Disney animator Don Bluth worked on the game.

Dragon’s Lair has been ported to basically everything since its 1983 debut. Chances are, you’ll have seen it on sale on at least one of your consoles in your life. Besides this prolificness, Dragon’s Lair made a brief appearance on Stranger Things. Surely the peak of its cultural popularity.

The film will be co-produced by Vertigo Entertainment, Underground Films, and Reynolds’ own Maximum Effort. Dan and Kevin Hageman will pen the script.

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How do you feel about this? Are you a Dragon’s Lair fan? Or do you think it’s best left in the 80s? Drop us a comment with your thoughts.

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