July 5, 2022

Rust Is Getting New DLC That Features Instruments

When you think of survival games, you probably don’t also think of making music with people you encounter. However, Facepunch Studios wildly popular online multiplayer-survival game, Rust, will see just that.

Rust’s first premium DLC has just been announced; the instrument pack. Featuring ten brand new playable instruments, the DLC will be released alongside the game’s next update (5th December).

“The Jerry Can Guitar”

Facepunch Studios has even created a brand new control system to play the instruments with. Players will be able to play the standard note range (that being A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) to any key. These notes can then be bound with sharp or octave modifier keys. Which will allow you to play over 20 notes (on some instruments).

As Facepunch notes, if players happen to have a MIDI device lying around, you can plug that in to play most of the instruments in real-time.

“The Wheelbarrow Piano”

RUST-ic Music Guaranteed

And the wholesomeness of Facepunch’s new DLC doesn’t just stop at creating instruments. As the studio notes;

“When looking at the way other games have handled DLC, we noticed the tendency it has to fracture and split the community. This is something we wanted to avoid. Owning this DLC should make the game better for you and everyone else playing with you.

The ability to play the instruments isn’t restricted to DLC owners. If your friend crafts a guitar for you or you take a tuba from a rotting corpse – you’ll be able to do everything a DLC owner can.

We’ve updated the original acoustic guitar to the new music control system which will be available to everyone”.

“The Junkyard Drum Kit”

Whilst it may seem a little silly, the idea is novel and good-natured and promotes a more positive atmosphere in the community. As many of you will know, a fair amount of online game communities aren’t exactly the nicest places to be at times. Facepunch aim to at least give Rust players a chance to let off some steam.

And speaking of steam, the Instrument Pack DLC will be around $10 with a launch discount available. The DLC is also available for wishlisting now.

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