Rumour – New Switch to Launch this Year for $399.99

Rumour – New Switch to Launch this Year for $399.99

According to Bloomberg, the next Switch model could be launching sooner than you might have thought. Not that you can get your hands on a current gen switch at the moment. Stock issues continue to plague tech companies globally amid the pandemic. But that didn’t stop Sony or Microsoft enter the next gen last year, and if Bloomberg sources are to be believed, the new Nintendo console may be with us in time for Christmas, ’21.

Not only that, but this upgraded device will be adopting an upgraded Nvidia chip including better graphics and superior processing power. It will also support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (sounds fancy). What that means in English is a new rendering technology that uses AI to deliver better-looking graphics more efficiently. Combined with the reported OLED display upgrade, this means up to 4K quality when docked. Link has never looked so good.

The Tip of the Spear

But the upgrades don’t stop there. The Nvidia chipset will also deliver a faster CPU and more memory. This will mean that current games will need to be patched to make use of the DLSS support, so expect this to benefit new titles first. As previously reported, the OLED screen is likely to be 7 inches, and provided by Samsun Display Co. Moningstar Research Analyst Kazunori Ito had this to say,

“The move should propel more support to the platform from outside software developers, thus it’s definitely a big plus to hardware and software sales. Nintendo is learning well from mistakes in the past, when its hit Wii lost momentum so quickly because the console wasn’t compatible with high-definition resolution.”

It’s also speculated that the new device will launch with a host of new games. H2 2021 looks fairly sparse as far as new games’ releases go for the Switch, but this is expected to change. Nintendo are certainly no strangers to keeping their cards close. But the Japanese giant did reveal on Tuesday that it had formed a new partnership with Niantic. The Pokemon Go developers revealed that they are working on a new Pikmin title, set to launch this year.

Niantic are reportedly working on a new Pikmin AR title

Don’t Expect a Bargain

Bloomberg also reveal that the lastest Nintendo console is likely to retail at a higher price than the current offering. The OG Switch still retails at $299, a price unchanged since launch in 2017. The increase is likely to reach up to $100, says Bloomber Intelligence’s Matthew Manterman,

“$349.99 will increase the value proposition of the device, but I still think Nintendo can drive strong demand even at $399.99,”

Of course, this is all speculation until Nintendo pipe up. But all these hinted upgrades have us salivating for what might be just around the corner. Typically, Nintendo tend to opt for more mature technologies compared to technical front runners Sony and Microsoft. But opting to adopt this cutting edge tech from Nvidia strikes at the core of gamers who demand the very best graphics a generation can provide. How the graphics of Breath of the Wild could be improved is hard to imagine. But how the sequel might fair in this new super switch is certainly something to get excited about.

Source; Bloomberg

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