Rough Justice ’84 – A Noir Board Game Inspired Startegy Game

Rough Justice ’84 – A Noir Board Game Inspired Startegy Game

Rough Justice ’84 is a single-player board game-inspired strategy game developed by Gamma Minus UG.

The game is set in Seneca City, 1984. It is a city crippled by rampant crime. Released, following his wrongful imprisonment, Seneca City’s former “White Knight”, Detective Jim Baylor agrees to consult in the operation of his old friend’s faltering security agency. What seemed like a favour to his former partner unravelled, revealing a deeper conspiracy involving foreign intelligence agencies, corruption, and unspeakable evil. An evil that brings with it memories of trauma Jim believes are long since buried. In a city this rife with corruption, time is running out and Jim must use all the resources at the agency’s disposal to stop an unknown enemy whose reach extends to countless institutions. With the help of his growing roster of highly skilled agents, does Jim have what it takes to be victorious in what will prove to be the battle for Seneca’s soul? 

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Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive.  Complete puzzles and use dice and cards in this 80’s noir board game inspired strategy game.

Deal with repossession, fugitive recoveries, security, and more. Advise your team on the best course of action, through strategy, calculated decision making, and a bit of luck.

The private security sector is a dog-eat-dog industry, and you’ll have to bring your A-game to the table, and sometimes rough justice is required. It’s up to you to filter through the nonsense and keep your eye on the ball.

Rough Justice ’84 will be available on PC and at present will be released in quarter one in 2023.

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