Rogue-lite survival horror TOXICANT leaving Early Access

Rogue-lite survival horror TOXICANT leaving Early Access

Cosmocat Games is pleased to announce that their rogue-lite survival horror, TOXICANT, is leaving Early Access!

TOXICANT spent 6 months in Early Access, during which time it received numerous major updates. The full release is scheduled for Friday, March 5th.

TOXICANT will retail for $9.99 USD (or specifically £7.19 in Anglaise), but will be available with a launch discount of 10% for the first week.

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What Toxi-can you do in-game?

TOXICANT offers a sinister twist on the survival horror genre, featuring randomized levels and roguelike elements.

  • Traverse a series of increasingly difficult randomized levels, upgrading your stats and gear along the way
  • Use items like compasses, maps, beacons, and the MonPro 2000 to help you navigate the depths of the mines
  • Collect miners’ notes and secret documents to learn the story of a conspiracy gone horribly wrong
  • Sample an assortment of nourishment and libations in your quest to survive: expired canned food, toxic mushrooms, rancid wine, and more!
  • Salvage old mining equipment and use it as a weapon, or even a shield! (Can’t find any? How about a board with a nail in it!)

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About Cosmocat Games

Cosmocat Games is an independent game studio based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The company is led by Adam “Snug” McLellan, a 20+ year veteran of IT, turned independent game developer, musician, and sound designer.

Since its inception in 2014, Cosmocat has released a diverse range of games across several platforms.

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