May 17, 2022

Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company is a third-person team-based tactical shooter. Similarities between Overwatch & Rainbow 6 Siege are evident. It’s been out in an alpha state for some time. On the 20th July Rogue Company entered closed beta.

Hi-Rez has included some interesting aspects to Rogue Company’s gameplay. Each character has a small selection of weapons they can unlock and upgrade throughout a match. This simplifies the buying stage. Obviously, the option to loot the weapons off of deceased foes is included.

A founder’s pack ($29.99) gives you access to different characters. Full cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms are the game’s biggest advantages, where the older games like Siege don’t provide it.

Features such as being downed or gliding into the map will not be unfamiliar to those who play battle royale games.

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Full Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Here are the six current roles that Rogue Company’s cast are split into.

  • Defender – Defenders have abilities that can deny key areas from the opposing team. Good at err defending.
  • Breacher – These rogues’ push forward towards objectives. They’re great at destroying enemy equipment, and can disrupt foes long enough for teammates to rush in and finish off.
  • Duelist – the damage dealers of Rogue Company. All classes are capable of dealing good damage. Each duelist has their own tools to make taking down the enemy easier .
  • Intel – provide more utility for the team. Such as locating enemies on the map.
  • Sniper – self explanatory.
  • Support – focus on reviving teammates.

To gain free access to the closed beta click here

The official launch date for Rogue Company as a free-to-play title has still yet to be confirmed by Hi-Rez Studios or First Watch Games.

Source Kotaku

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