June 30, 2022

Rogue Aces: Nintendo Switch Review

Rogue Aces is a 2D air combat dogfight roguelite from Infinite State Games and Curve Digital, let’s see how high it flies in our review!

Rogue Aces blends 1940’s fighter jet dog-fighting with procedurally generated level design to create a completely unique gaming experience and as with every great idea comes both highs and lows.

You play as a fighter pilot in a war you are losing, there are only three jets left, you have 100 randomly generated battles to fight, can you win the war? In one word….. yes! This game is hard and great fun. With only three lives to complete one hundred battles against land, air and sea based enemies you will be pulling your hair out and that’s even before you learn that you can only continue in one of your other two lives if you have the foresight to eject from your plane and deploy your parachute when you are about to crash.

This game excels when you’re traversing the enemy fighter-jet filled skies and bombing the many tanks and bases below. It’s hectic and graceful at the same time and inevitably gives you that feeling that you should of been a fighter pilot as you would of been awesome.

The game-play is great and the jets control beautifully, allowing you to dodge and out maneuver enemy jets. The control scheme is simple and intuitive and after five minutes you will be defending the skies like a pro. So you start on your aircraft carrier and take off to vanquish your first band of adversaries, then return to refuel and restock supplies, then you rinse and repeat this ninety-nine more times until you win the war, or fail miserably and have to restart. The rinse and repeat nature of the missions can become tiresome but luckily you are always leveling up your jet and you can pick up power ups to change things up a bit.


There are a few modes to unlock but all of them are variations on the same theme, that’s not a bad thing though because the pick up and play nature of the game makes for some great gaming sessions and the game shines when it’s played in small intervals. The game has a great soundtrack by Kev Black and has a way of making you feel awesome and skilled while constantly reminding you it can all fall apart with one grave mistake.

This game had me both enthralled and frustrated which ultimately kept me coming back hour after hour. It has its flaws with its repetitive game-play but it’s so much bloody fun and had me hooked.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7.0/10


Although repetitive Rogue Aces manages to combine tight controls, epic air battles and instant player gratification effortlessly. Probably should of only been fifty missions long though!

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