May 22, 2022

Rod Fergusson, Former Xbox Studios leader, Departs for Blizzard

Having been a part of the Gears of War franchise since 2006, Rod Fergusson’s departure of The Coalition will surely be felt. However, can he work his magic on Blizzard for the upcoming Diablo 4?

Rod Fergusson

In a recent Twitter post, The Coalition head Rod Fergusson announced he would be taking the lead on Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 4.

Fergusson, best known as a developer for the Gears of War franchise, has worked on every Gears title since its inception in 2006.

Fergusson joined The Coalition in 2014 as studio lead. Since its inception 2014, The Coalition has released three Gears of War titles.

In an interview with, Xbox’s Matt Booty had this to say about Fergusson;

“Rod is certainly someone who has had a tremendous impact on the franchise overall, going back to the original Gears. We are really grateful for the craft and just his passion, and also just what he has done to build that community. We wish him well as he moves on”.

With all the controversy surrounding Blizzard lately, hopefully, Rod will be able to produce a win for the company.

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